The conversion process in innovative tech businesses: A basic roadmap

Conversion Process in Business

Innovative tech businesses rely on innovation. Seems pretty straightforward, right? However, such businesses can have a truly innovative product and digital marketing that creates a buzz about that product and lots of organic traffic yet still fall short of sales goals. In such situations, the reason may be that the business’s organic conversion process has issues.  

What is a conversion process?

Digital marketers use the term “conversion process” in a different way compared to others. For us, the term refers to the path or paths that people take from an online search to taking a specific action on a business’s website. 

Let’s take a look at an example of a basic conversion process, also known as a conversion funnel, that could be used by an innovative tech company: 


This specific conversion process is an example of one from organic search to either a webpage or blog post, and it illustrates a journey that can help a business bring in more qualified leads that have the potential to become loyal customers. However, there are also some issues that can derail the conversion process you’re using in your business. 

3 issues that can derail your business’s conversion process

There are plenty of issues that can knock potential clients out of your business’s conversion process. Here are a few of the most common: 

  1. Broken or nonexistent conversion elements — A conversion occurs when a visitor to your site takes an action you want them to take. That action could be watching a video, filling out a form or many other things. Yet visitors who aren’t able to easily convert are more likely to drop out of the conversion process altogether. In fact, research shows that 37% of people will leave a site if it’s poorly designed. A lack of prominent conversion elements or broken conversion elements would fall into this category. 
  1. Poor content — Both site visitors and search engines expect to find excellent content on websites. When they don’t find it, they’re likely to leave the site in the visitors’ case. Search engines are likely to rank a site lower in search results, which means fewer people will find the site. In addition, 38% of the people who do make it to a website will leave if the content is unappealing. And just like that, they’re out of the conversion process. 
  1. Relevant site pages aren’t on Page 1 of search results — One of the biggest issues many businesses face in relation to their conversion process is they simply aren’t bringing in enough qualified traffic. If a business’s relevant webpages aren’t on the first page of search results, that’s likely why they aren’t seeing enough traffic. After all, statistics show that only about 5% of people ever look past the first page of search results. 

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