Steps to Successful PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click)

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When it comes to running successful PPC campaigns, there’s more involved than just writing an ad and setting it live. From strategy to measuring results, here are seven steps to a successful PPC marketing campaign.

Step 1: Set a goal

Like any marketing effort, setting a goal beforehand will offer the most success. Do you want to drive traffic to specific pages to build brand awareness or thought leadership? Do you want to generate leads by driving visitors to a converting page? Do you want to generate revenue by having somebody buy something? Have them call you directly to set up an appointment? Setting a goal will help you structure and measure your campaign’s results.


Step 2: Choose the right PPC platform

AdWords, Bing, Facebook — there is more than one platform to leverage for PPC campaigns. Some goals or audiences may lend themselves to a certain platform of combination of channels. Make sure you’re exploring all your options.


Step 3: Target your campaign

There are tons of ways to target your PPC campaign, making it really easy to fine tune and deliver the best results. You can target your campaign by your audience or by geography. You can also optimize your campaign for specific devices.


Step 4: Keyword research

Figure out the best keywords for your campaign by developing a list of core keywords that describe what you do and creating secondary keywords based on what your audience will search for on those topics. By targeting these cheaper secondary keywords, you can maximize your budget.


Step 5: Write effective ad text

Whatever platform you choose will use your ad text to determine when and where your ad gets served. Ad text that’s irrelevant to what you do or what the user wants won’t be rated highly or served much. The text of your ad will also encourage people to interact with your ad, so make sure it’s spot on. A/B test different messages so you know which approach works best. Make sure your ad text includes at least one core keyword, a promotion or enticement, and a call to action.


Step 6: Add ad extensions

Several ad extensions are available for PPC campaigns. These might include addresses, phone numbers, ratings, even secondary websites. Ad extensions can improve click-through rates (CTR) as well as improve your quality score.

Step 7: Ad scheduling

Optimize your PPC strategy by choosing the ideal schedule to show your ads. If your goal is to get people to call you during business hours to set up an appointment, you’ll probably want to run your ads during business hours. Otherwise, that can be a frustrating experience if they call you after hours and receive voicemail. You may also notice that your ad naturally performs better during certain times.


Burg & Co. Marketing can help with your PPC campaigns

There are many other steps to building and growing your PPC campaigns and strategy, and Burg & Co. Marketing can help you with all of them. With years of experience helping companies achieve digital marketing success through pay per click and other strategies, we are your partners in running top-notch PPC programs that set you apart from the competition and drive traffic and revenue. For more information on building a PPC strategy that works, contact us today.