Is your digital marketing strategy missing these three details?

Is your digital marketing strategy missing these three details?

Digital marketing is both extremely simple and extremely complex. 

It’s simple because compared to traditional marketing methods — print, television, radio — people have far easier access to the major digital marketing platforms. Do you have a computer and a website? You can get on Google Ads today and start bidding on keywords. You may even be ranking organically for certain searches. 

So why is digital marketing complex? Well, the sheer volume of people you are able to reach and the level of customization that digital channels enable can make this a very complex and detail-oriented field. And some of these details can make the difference between missing your marketing goals and making them. 

Since we spend all our time devoted to the digital marketing space, we’ve identified more than our fair share of these details that so many strategies miss. We’re happy to share a few that we think are especially important. 

1. Audience segmentation 

With the large quantities of data out there, businesses have the ability to target highly specific audiences, even down to hobbies and interests. Your digital marketing strategy should be based on clear profiles of your core customers, including the content they consume and the messages they respond to. This will enable you to run clearly conceived campaigns with the best chance of getting responses. 

2. Balancing paid and organic search

Many organizations pour significant portions of their paid search budget into areas where they are already performing organically. When using pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising effectively, it should be with a clear understanding of how your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are performing in the unpaid search results. PPC is often at its best when it establishes your website in new areas and helps boost underperforming organic keywords. 

3. Optimizing conversions

Always be converting. It’s relatively easy to drive large volumes of traffic to your site — especially if you throw enough money into your digital strategy. However, many businesses find that large traffic does not always convert into leads or sales. This is because conversion is often in the details. From going after higher-converting keywords to creating clear and user-friendly landing pages to employing a call to action at just the right time in your content, keeping your eye on the conversion prize is the detail that can have the biggest impact on your digital marketing strategy. 

Burg & Co. understands the details of digital marketing strategy

At Burg & Co. Marketing, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes run successful digital marketing campaigns that convert and help achieve return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollar. We’ll sort out the details that digital marketers have to worry about, so you can keep your attention focused on the detail of running your business. 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free marketing consultation.

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