PPC news: Week of Sept. 14, 2020

ppc news

Staying on top of the latest news in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help your business succeed. The PPC world moves at lightning speed, and changes to best practices or new ways to analyze data can mean the difference between meeting lead goals or being behind the curve.

Since we spend so much time navigating the world of digital marketing, we’re constantly keeping up to date with PPC news. Staying on top of this news can help you be more engaged and proactive in your digital strategy.

This week, we have a few important items to share, including some updates to Google and a look at Microsoft integrating with LinkedIn.

Google is combining custom affinity and custom intent into custom audiences

Part of what makes Google Ads so effective is the ability to reach a specific target audience with your ads. This is, in part, possible due to custom affinity and custom intent, which are ways to streamline audience types you would like your ads to reach.

Now, Google is integrating custom affinity and custom intent into one segment known as “custom audiences.” This move helps streamline advertisers’ ability to target specific audiences with specific keywords and intent all in one tool now rather than having to go back and forth between two separate tools.

Already have lists under the custom affinity or intent sections? Don’t worry, you won’t lose those. They migrated under custom audiences with the change and can still be tweaked there.

Google in UK will pass the digital services tax costs to advertisers

If your business is in the UK or targets an international audience, this is a big deal. The digital services tax in the UK applies to e-commerce and any form of digital advertising, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Google recently announced that it will be passing the costs of the tax on Google Ads to the advertisers. In other words, be prepared to pay as much as 5% tax on advertisements you run in the UK. Take a look at your Ads budget and make sure that the new costs will be factored into your campaigns.

Microsoft Ads is integrating with LinkedIn

Microsoft has been working on features to integrate LinkedIn advertising with Microsoft Ads. Previously, ads on LinkedIn are driven by persona types with some options for industry, employer size, and so forth. However, because LinkedIn is mainly a business-to-business (B2B) platform, most users search in similar patterns, which makes it hard for ads to find the right audience.

With this new integration, advertisers will have more control over how their ads are funneled, which can help reduce wasted impressions and clicks.

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