PPC news: Week of May 10, 2021

PPC news

Staying on top of the latest news in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help your business succeed. The PPC world moves at lightning speed, and changes to best practices or new ways to analyze data can mean the difference between meeting lead goals or being behind the curve.

Since we spend so much time navigating the world of digital marketing, we’re constantly keeping up to date with PPC news. Staying on top of this news can help you be more engaged and proactive in your digital strategy.

Three of the hottest PPC news items:

  1. Google Analytics adds machine learning to behavioral analytics — Google is extending its advanced machine learning techniques to behavioral analytics reports from its Analytics platform. This addition is designed to help offset the analytics issues raised by increased privacy standards. The report will use conversion modeling to help marketers continue to understand the customer journey on their apps and sites. 
  1. Google Tag Manager adds Adjust Consent mode — Advertisers can now adjust how Google tags users based on their individual consent status. This is possible thanks to the new Adjust Consent feature in Google Tag Manager that’s available in Europe and the UK. The feature prompts Tag Manager to use conversion modelling to measure the customer decision journey when users don’t consent to cookies.
  1. Enhanced conversions take up slack as cookies fall out of favor. — Enhanced conversions are designed to provide a clearer picture of how users convert after interacting with ads. They do so by using consented, first-party data in place of cookies. This feature allows marketers to continue to unlock key performance insights. It can even help improve measurement data when the ad is on one device and the user converts on another. 

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