PPC news — week of February 10

PPC News

To maintain success in your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest trends in this channel. This requires time and dedication — a resource that we know is always in short supply for busy professionals! That’s why when we come across something that can help you better understand this rapidly changing field, we’re glad to share it. 

This week, our PPC news is Google Ads focused, with stories about a new opt-in feature for Google Ads, changes to granular conversion actions on the advertising platform and the addition of annotations to Google Ads’ change history report for more ease of use.

New continuous audience sharing feature for Google Ads

Managing audience lists for multiple accounts is a notoriously tricky chore in Google Ads. A new feature aims to streamline this process by enabling sharing of all available lists in a manager account with subaccounts. The goal is to make the process of audience sharing easier, but it’s important to note that permissions and privacy policies may be different between accounts. 

Google Ads tests new conversion categories for greater granularity

Tracking conversions accurately requires as much detailed information as possible. Having more buckets to put your data in can yield more useful information. Recently, a PPC researcher spotted some new functions in Google Ads to deliver more granular conversion categories, including “add to cart” and “begin checkout” under purchasing and “submit lead forms” and “request quote” under the broader lead generation category. More detailed tracking can help marketers better determine what’s working and what isn’t, so this should be a welcome change. 

Chart annotations added to Google Ads change history report

Frequent users of the Google Ads change history report may have noticed the recent addition of chart annotation cards. This added information will make it easier to track changes and measure performance of campaigns. The annotations can be accessed by easily identifiable triangles that list the changes to a category and allow you to navigate to that section of the report.

PPC and digital marketing expertise 

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