PPC news: Week of April 12, 2021

PPC news

Staying on top of the latest news in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help your business succeed. The PPC world moves at lightning speed, and changes to best practices or new ways to analyze data can mean the difference between meeting lead goals or being behind the curve.

Since we spend so much time navigating the world of digital marketing, we’re constantly keeping up to date with PPC news. Staying on top of this news can help you be more engaged and proactive in your digital strategy.

This week, all of the PPC news we are going to cover comes from Microsoft.

Microsoft announces new paid and organic social integrations

Bing may have a smaller market share and audience reach than Google, but it’s still a serious contender in the race for search engine dominance. Advertisers should work to make sure their products and services are easily findable on Microsoft’s Bing as well as Google. Here are some of the new features Microsoft is making available to PPC professionals to help improve marketing strategies:

Video ads are growing in importance. In 2020, more than $5 billion was spent on video ads alone. To help enable marketers to find success in video marketing, Microsoft’s Audience Network will allow both CPC and CPM bidding. 

Historically, video ads were only charged on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis, but now the impressions themselves can be bid upon through CPM bidding (cost-per-impressions in thousands). This can be beneficial for marketers who expect their videos to receive a lot of clicks and would like to focus on increasing impressions. 

Additionally, Microsoft has enabled a feature that allows marketers to pull campaign structure from Facebook into Microsoft Advertising. This will allow you to be able to import audience targets and creative that aligns with Microsoft ads. This feature competes with the popularity of Google’s import feature, which does much of the same.

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