440+ million Google searches per month are mental health and addiction-related.

We create digital stories that empower patients to own their health care journey

We create digital stories that build predictable growth for clinic expansion

We create digital stories that get your clinic to rank on Google

We create digital stories that earn 9,800% ROI for net new patients.

The Burg Benefit

Why healthcare organizations choose us.

Healthcare marketing is in a league of its own. You need a marketing partner who understands the rules — a partner who can speak to the specific emotional triggers that patients have at each phase of the decision-making process. You also need a partner who can help protect your clinic from lawsuits by maintaining HIPAA compliance across all marketing campaigns and digital platforms.

We are that partner.

Sales Funnel Conversion Rates

Three signs that you have a user experience problem

    1. You have thousands of visitors to your website, but very few conversions. (Your site should be converting 2-3.5% of your monthly visitors into new appointments.)
    2. You are writing SEO content, but your traffic hasn’t really increased in months.
    3. Your bounce rate is more than 60%, meaning people aren’t engaging with your site.

    Let’s run a diagnostic on your site to figure out where the disconnect is, and then pull together a strategy to help improve the user experience and ultimately increase your conversions.

    2,100+ Keywords

    ranked on the first page of Google


    New patient appointment requests

    9800% ROI

    on average for healthcare SEO clients

    1,000,000,000 +

    Google impressions

    Services to Drive Predictable Growth

    No-nonsense marketing that is proven to get you what you want — an easy-to-navigate website that drives more patients to your practice.

    Search Engine Optimization

    There are over 1 billion Google searches for health care terms every day. And SEO has an average conversion rate of 14.6% for health care. That’s higher than any other marketing average. Our SEO services make sure that your brand is found by the people who are looking for what you’re offering. With geotargeted keywords, internal/external link building and other tested SEO techniques on your side, your website can not just climb the Google rankings, but also attract the right potential patients in your location who are searching for your services.

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    Content Marketing

    Our content marketing services are centered on driving engagement with your brand and positioning you as the trusted voice in your industry. Content marketing allows your brand to reach beyond just SEO and really tap into the various channels that potential patients use to search for information, e.g., social media, videos, email marketing, etc. Our content helps to inform your potential patients and works to boost the expertise, authority and trust of your brand. Our team works tirelessly to make content a key part of the UX/UI experience on your website, so we can effortlessly guide visitors to fill out your contact forms and build out automated email marketing campaigns that nurture those leads until they are ready to move forward with their purchase.

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    Web Design & Development

    Our website design & development services provide your company with the tools to meet the needs of your customers. We can start by using tested customer behavioral analysis tools to discover what your potential customers are looking for in a website. Then, our specialists can create a site for you that’s visually stunning and contains conversion/engagement elements in precisely the right places. Our experienced web team can also manage your website to help you stay on top of backend updates, changes in customer behaviors and more. Once your site is up and running optimally, we will continue to A/B test certain conversion elements and track how people interact with your site in order to maximize your lead generation. 

    Websites that use our ongoing web dev support and our conversion strategies see an average increase of 46% in conversions in the first six months, and an average increase of 155% conversions within the first 12 months.

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    Conversion Strategy

    It’s all well and good for a company to have a purpose that goes beyond selling products and services. But your practice still needs a steady stream of patients to support that deeper purpose. That’s where our ability to create a predictable, scalable conversion strategy comes in. Using a research-backed combination of informative, trust-building content, an SEO strategy designed to get your content in front of people who are looking for what you offer, and UX/UI experiences that include perfectly placed conversion elements, we can help your business measurably increase the number of qualified leads you’re bringing in.

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    Public Relations

    Navigating public relations on your own can be a tall order for any company, especially if yours doesn’t have someone who’s experienced in the art of effective digital PR. Our team can help you steer through the turbulent waters of PR, and we can help you create and find outlets for a wide range of digital PR communications. 

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    UX/UI Audit

    It is critical for businesses to know how well the user interface (UI) on their website is performing and how good a user experience (UX) the UI on their site is creating. However, accomplishing these two goals isn’t always easy. That’s why our team has built the capability to perform UX/UI audits that reveal helpful and actionable information that can then be applied to your website.

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