How to avoid blowing your PPC budget in the first days of your campaign

PPC Budget

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be daunting to inexperienced digital marketers because it involves money. It’s easy to blow through a PPC budget in a few days if you’re not careful about setting up your campaign correctly. 

We don’t want to see this happen to you, so take a look below at some tips you can follow to avoid blowing your PPC budget when starting a new campaign.

How to avoid blowing your PPC budget 

  • Use negative keywords — The search terms related to the keywords you’re bidding on are broader than the keywords themselves. As a result, your ads may be showing up in searches that are either not relevant to your campaign or in front of the wrong target audience. You can identify which search terms are relevant to your keyword and add them to the negative keyword list to avoid wasting your budget on undesired terms.

  • Adjust your bids — The bids you set at the start of your campaign are not concrete. After a couple of days, if you notice certain keywords have a high cost but low performance, you may want to reduce your bids for it. You may also want to adjust bids on words that are in high positions but also have high costs as a result.

    Check your keyword performance every week and make adjustments to maintain balance in your PPC budget.

  • Adjust your ad settings — One of the major advantages of PPC marketing is that you can adjust factors like target audience age and location. You can also set your ads to perform during certain times of the day and can narrow them to desktop only or mobile only. Find out who your audience is, what they’re using and when they’re engaging on it most, and make these adjustments to optimize your ad performance.

  • Perform an A/B test — It takes a little time to see the results of an A/B test, but we’re including it in this list because it’s important to set one up when you begin your PPC campaign. Use two types of ad content or landing page content and monitor their performance regularly until you’ve built up enough data to determine which one is performing better. Once you’ve got an idea of which content is performing better, you can leverage it more to improve your campaign.

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