How does pay-per-click work to attract new leads?

How Does Pay-per-Click Work to Attract New Leads?

If your business is built on generating leads through your website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a very powerful tool. As the name implies, PPC is an auction-based form of advertising that is based on paying a set amount every time a user clicks on an advertisement such as a banner ad or a search listing. Advertisers will set a budget for the ad, and it will run until there have been enough clicks to spend all the allocated funds. 

By using PPC advertising efficiently and in a cost-effective manner, businesses can generate large volumes of traffic that can be converted into leads. If you’re looking for a better understanding of how PPC works to do this, take a moment to read this informative and helpful guide. 

Using PPC for effective lead generation — conversion is key

Developing a PPC strategy to generate leads should always begin with audience profiling and keyword research. Your business can use existing customer data to develop an audience profile of who your key lead targets are and what they’re searching for. However, it’s important to understand that generating traffic with PPC and generating leads aren’t the same thing. 

For example, your business may be targeting high-volume keywords for your industry and audience, but falling short on lead generation goals. If this is the case, then you have a conversion problem. Effective PPC advertising for lead generation needs to create a funnel for traffic to be converted into leads by focusing on the following tactics: 

  • Targeting conversion specific keywords
  • Ensuring that your ad copy offers a compelling and honest message
  • Developing a landing page for your PPC ad that is clear, is user-friendly and offers frictionless lead conversion
  • Analyzing campaign data and creating actionable plans to capitalize on successes and minimize inefficiencies

PPC campaigns that are focused on conversion can require extensive research, expertise and resources, which is why many of the most successful organizations enlist the support of a dedicated partner. 

The Burg & Co. team can help you drive lead conversion with PPC

Our experienced digital marketing team can help you build successful PPC advertising campaigns to meet your lead generation goals. We’ll work to understand your brand and audience so you can create effective PPC advertising that converts. Burg & Co. Marketing can also help you integrate your PPC efforts into a broader digital portfolio that also includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing. 

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