Four ways anyone can increase lead generation

Lead generation is the key to success for many businesses, and despite more opportunities to reach people than ever before, increasing the volume of your leads can be a daunting proposition. Despite the complexity of today’s digital marketplace, there are many simple things anyone can do to increase lead generation.

Even if you are frustrated by low traffic or low conversion rates, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and keep trying new things. You could be one tweak away from your website or lead generation campaign finally taking off.

On the other hand, even if you have been successfully hitting your lead generation goals, you should not rest on your laurels and become complacent. Whether you’re trying to turn things around or just turn them up, the following lead generation tips can be equally relevant.

Increase lead generation with these digital tactics

Here are four of the top ways successful digital marketers increase lead generation:

  1. Target long-tail keywords — Long-tail keywords refer to the longer keyword phrases that are at the lower volume, or “long tail,” of search traffic. These longer keywords are important to target in your paid and organic campaigns because they often have a higher likelihood of conversion, especially “wallet out” searches like “How much does ___ service cost?” Additionally, although each individual search may be lower volume than more general keywords, they can add up to higher traffic in the aggregate.
  2. Simplify your landing pages — Does the landing page linking from your pay-per-click ad or social media post make sense? Is it a big block of indigestible content? Is there engaging imagery? Is it relevant and helpful to the inbound traffic it is targeting? By breaking up blocks of content with images, clear headings and bulleted lists, you can draw users to the information you want them to see.
  3. Clarify your calls to action — Ultimately, digital lead generation means getting a user to voluntarily fill out a form or click a contact link. After crafting relevant content, making sure the people on your site know how to get in touch with you, and what they are getting in touch with you for, is paramount to increasing lead generation.

Always be tracking, testing and optimizing. Knowledge is power, and unless you know the statistics for your campaign, what’s working and what isn’t, you’re flying blind. Utilize tools to analyze your site traffic, test different campaigns and pages to see what is more effective — and put those findings into practice.

Experience and expertise in increased lead generation

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