Four mistakes in pay-per-click marketing that could cost you big-time

PPC Mistakes

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is often paired with search engine optimization (SEO) to attract new, qualified leads to your site and drive conversion rates. It’s one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience while you’re building your organic search base, but it’s challenging for inexperienced marketers to manage.

If you’re trying to attract qualified leads with PPC marketing, take a look below at some of the costly mistakes you need to avoid.

Four common PPC marketing mistakes

  1. Reckless bidding — Inexperience can lead you down a path of false thinking that bidding on a lot of keywords will reach a broad audience and attract many leads. In reality, overbidding on a wide selection of keywords is a quick way to drain your PPC budget and fail to attract new leads.

    You need to focus your bidding on carefully selected keywords that are relevant to the specific audience members your campaign is targeting. You also need to monitor the performance of your keywords and make changes if some are failing to produce clicks and new leads.

  2. Focusing on hard conversions — One of the tenets of successful digital marketing is driving your audience down a sales funnel that ultimately leads to a hard conversion into becoming a client. There are a lot of steps before this hard conversion, though, such as engaging the audience with information or samples of your product or service.

    Offering this kind of engagement material in exchange for contact information is what’s known as a soft conversion. Your audience members can receive something useful that helps drive them toward becoming a client, and you receive information that helps you stay in contact with them for your marketing efforts.

    While it’s sometimes necessary to drive a PPC campaign toward a hard conversion, driving your audience toward a soft conversion may result in more clients in the long run.

  3. Underwhelming content — Whether you’re focusing on hard or soft conversions won’t matter if the content on your landing page is boring, irrelevant or downright messy. Make sure you have excellent, engaging and clean content on your landing page if you want to expect any conversions from your audience.

  4. Jumping in blind — You’ll never know exactly how a PPC campaign will perform until you’ve started it, but this doesn’t mean you need to jump in blind. You can perform some tests, such as analyzing your site performance, where users are visiting, how they’re engaging and which keywords they prefer using. You can use all of this information as a base for launching your new campaign.

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