Four Ingredients of a Successful PPC Campaign

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A successful PPC campaign depends on many steps, from setup and execution to measurement and iterations. Here are four ingredients necessary to running a successful PPC campaign.


#1: Your audience

Before you choose your keywords, write an ad, or even choose a PPC platform, you need to understand your audience. We don’t just mean knowing who you’re selling to, although narrowing that down to a specific target can be a tough, yet essential, part of any marketing effort. We mean understanding what they need, how they’re getting it, their expectations and behavior, and more. This will help you craft the right offer and message, target your campaign, and even measure results more effectively.

#2: The right ad text

Ad text is everything when it comes to PPC, perhaps just as important as your keywords. First and foremost, it’s what entices your audience to click, so it should be attractive and include action words that elicit a reaction. If your ad text doesn’t connect with your audience, they won’t click. Worse, if they click and don’t find what they were looking for or what you promised, they’ll be frustrated and you’ll lose a customer. So make sure the message matches what you have to offer, whether that’s content, a product, or an asset like a white paper or webinar.

But even more important, your ad text is what the search partner will grade your ad on. Make sure it contains a keyword, an offer or promotion and a call to action. A properly created message won’t be delivered when and where you want it, rendering the rest of your efforts useless.

#3: Measurement

You should be setting goals for and measuring the results of all your PPC campaigns. This is what will tell you if your offer, message, strategy or keywords are working, and whether you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Leverage the native analytics tools of your chosen platform, as well as Google Analytics or another similar program. Make changes as needed and run tests on your messaging, scheduling and other factors to drive the greatest results. A stagnant PPC campaign is a campaign that isn’t working for you, and isn’t delivering results.


Burg & Co. Marketing can help with your PPC campaigns

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