Four important benefits of display advertising

Four Important Benefits of Display Advertising

Also known as banner or visual advertising, display advertising is a form of pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising that appears. As the name implies, display advertising involves the use of imagery to convey information about your company, brand, products and services. As opposed to search advertising, the other major form of PPC, display advertising is less text based and appears primarily on webpages instead of search engine results pages. 

Successful digital advertising campaigns generally rely on some mix of search-based and display advertising. Knowing which to emphasize and when one form is more appropriate than the other is a key to being effective. By having a deeper understanding of the primary benefits of PPC display advertising, marketers and stakeholders can make more informed and rational decisions.

The primary advantages of display advertising

If you’re wondering whether running a display advertising campaign is right for your organization, here are some of the main benefits this form can offer: 

  1. Visually appealing — These types of ads offer the ability to use eye-catching imagery. If you want to show the lifestyle appeal of your product or service, your beautiful location or the product itself, display ads are the way to go. 
  2. Strengthens your brand — Companies often use display ads to create brand awareness and drive traffic to their main website. Although people clicking these ads may be less likely to convert immediately, initial display ads are a great way to prime potential customers. 
  3. Increased targeting ability — Display ads generally offer the opportunity to target very specific user demographics and interests compared to search ads, which are keyword based. This can help you reach a specific audience with a highly targeted message to generate interest.
  4. Remarketing potential — Remarketing is displaying an ad to people who have seen one before and did not convert the first time or who have interacted with your business in some form in the past. As mentioned above, these users will have a higher awareness of your brand, messaging and offers, giving them a higher likelihood of conversion into a lead or a sale. 

These advantages mean that display ads are best used in a more specific context. There are other cases, such as specific offers and product searches, where search ads may be more effective. Companies wishing to run highly efficient and effective campaigns often turn to experienced marketing professionals for guidance. 

From display to search advertising, Burg & Co. has you covered

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