3 steps to getting better results from your digital marketing in 2023

Better Marketing

Digital marketing has grown in 2022, there’s no question. It’s estimated that 66% of retail businesses increased their digital marketing budgets in 2022. 

However, throwing money at your digital marketing can only take you so far, and it definitely doesn’t guarantee excellent results. If your increased digital marketing budget in 2022 didn’t lead to the improvements you were looking for, there are some steps you should consider taking as you move into 2023. 

1.Review keyword performance.

Many people think the keywords that digital content is built around are evergreen. In other words, you might think that a given keyword will always get the same number of searches. That’s just not true for every keyword. 

For many keywords, the number of times they’re searched for varies over time, and that impacts how your content performs. That’s why you should spend some time at the end of the year looking at how the main keywords you’re targeting are performing. That way you can see if they’re trending downward generally, and if they are, you can take steps to either replace them and/or bolster them with better-performing supporting keywords. Doing so can help your content’s performance improve moving into Q1 and Q2 of 2023. 

2. Find and address funnel exits.

Every business has a sales funnel, and digital marketing plays a major role in helping get potential customers into and through a sales funnel’s various stages. However, bringing more potential clients into your sales funnel won’t do you much good if there are too many exits.

Let’s take a moment to visualize what we mean. Think of filling a plastic water bottle with a funnel. All the water easily runs through the funnel and into the bottle This is what things are like when your potential customers travel along a complete sales funnel to become customers. 

Now, think about trying to fill the same bottle with a strainer. Some of the water will make it into the bottle with a LOT of effort on your part. Most of the water ends up everywhere but in the bottle. This is what things are like when you have a sales funnel with issues that are causing customers to exit the funnel. 

To avoid the second scenario, you should spend some time at the end of the year evaluating your sales funnel. If it appears to be working well, then great. If it doesn’t appear to be working well, then you can figure out why and take steps to address those issues. As a result, your digital marketing efforts can bear more fruit since more of the potential customers they bring in are more likely to become clients.

3. Reconfirm your target audience.

Started off the year with excellent results from digital marketing that have petered out as the year progressed? You and your digital marketing may be the victim of an audience shift. 

Every digital marketing plan is targeted to a minimum of one audience. Some may be targeted to several audiences. However, people commonly shift their attention to different things, especially over the course of a year. And when people aren’t paying attention to what your digital marketing is promoting, your results will dwindle. 

If you’re experiencing decreased results from your digital marketing as you’re preparing for 2023, you may need to reconfirm your target audience. There may still be lots of people out there who are looking for the products or services your business offers. Yet they may be different people than your original digital marketing campaign was targeting. Reconfirming your target audience can help you understand the shift in audiences, help you retarget your 2023 campaign to the people who are looking for what your business is offering and boost the results of your digital marketing in the new year. 

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