3 positive effects SEO can have for a small business in Tampa, FL

Search Engine Optimization in Tampa FL

Your small business in Tampa, Florida, survived the pandemic. It’s surviving the current inflation spike and hurricanes, too. However, you’re ready to take steps to push your business beyond mere survival and into a state of consistent, measurable growth. 

If all that sounds good to you, then you need to take a closer look at how search engine optimization (SEO) can help your small business drive this kind of growth.

What is SEO?

SEO is a key aspect of digital marketing, and it involves setting up your website and digital content in ways that help them appeal more strongly to search engines. You might think that such a digital marketing service can only help big businesses. But SEO can actually have plenty of benefits for small businesses just like yours.

1.Increasing traffic at physical locations.

A type of SEO called local SEO can help highlight your physical locations in the Tampa area. And it does so for people who are specifically looking for the goods and services your small business offers. How? By helping you take steps to make your business and its website and content more appealing to local search algorithms used by major search engines. 

Getting local SEO right makes it easier for your business to climb to the top of local search results. And doing so can lead to significantly increased traffic at your physical location(s). In fact, Google’s own research shows that 50% of mobile users and 34% of computer and tablet users will visit a store after a local search.

2. Increasing traffic to online stores.

Your small business may not be operating on the level of Amazon or Walmart, but you may be one of the nearly 1.6 million U.S. companies that sell products only in an online store or at both online and physical stores.

And you’re likely interested in increasing traffic to your online store. SEO can help with this, too. It can be used to build a new online store or refurbish an existing one using techniques that are designed to help your store appear higher in search results. 

So, what can that increase in traffic do for your business? Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s start by assuming that 3% of the people who visit your online store actually complete a purchase. Before your business started using SEO, let’s say you had 300 visitors per month on one of the product pages in your online store. This means that only nine visitors actually purchased from you. 

Now, let’s see what happens if SEO helps boost one of your product pages to the first page of search results for just one keyword. Research shows that nearly 40% of people click on the first link in organic search results. So, let’s say that 3,000 people per month are doing searches for the keyword you’ve optimized your product page for and your SEO has positioned your page as the first link in search results for this keyword. 

This means that about 1,200 people are likely to visit your page. Using the same 3% purchase completion rate, that means that 36 people will make a purchase from this product page every month. And that’s just from optimizing one product page. Think about what would happen if you were able to optimize five product pages or more.  

3. Revealing the deeper purpose behind your business.

SEO is a key part of the content created for small businesses. It helps get your content in front of the right eyes, and that can be very valuable when some of your content is being created to help your business reveal and highlight its deeper purpose. 

Just how valuable is this type of SEO content? A study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value found that 44% of consumers choose products and brands based on how well they align with their own individual values. Thus, letting people know what your business stands for and what it values beyond its own profits can help you bring in more customers who identify with your deeper purpose. 

Ready to start putting SEO to work for your small business? BURG+CO. can help

SEO can have benefits like increasing traffic to your website or physical locations, increasing conversions, and bringing in new clients. However, it’s difficult to fully realize these and other SEO benefits when you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, SEO is one of our specialities at BURG+CO.

Our team has years of experience in helping businesses improve their digital presence so they can more easily attract new leads and retain existing ones. If you’re looking to perform better in search engine results and attract more visitors to your website or physical location, we’re ready to talk to you to see how we can help. 

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